cd track listing:
1. Open Sore
2. Going Under
3. Long Way Down [ real ]
4. Covered in Blood
5. Past Repeats Itself
6. Intermission
7. Same Old Song
8. Weapons of Mass Destruction
9. Internal Bleeding
10. Black Cats and Broken Mirrors
11. Lazy
12. Break of Day
13. Never Say Goodbye
14. Stray
15. Nothing Unusual
16. Shades of Grey
The Devil Made Me Do It
MRCD 01398

Juicehead are taking their punk rock assult to the masses! In an age of recycled psudo-punk, Chicago's Juicehead are truly the real deal. Their 16-track debut, "The Devil Made Me Do It", is packed with face-ripping guitar muscle, sing-along hooks and a rhythm section that demolishes buildings in its wake!

Check out this great review of the new disc from Juicehead featured in Power Play Magazine in the UK:

The Devil Made Me do it
Genre: Punk Rock/Misfits Records

“Juicehead are one of the latest new groups to be signed by Misfits Records and it is easy to hear why. Juicehead have punk rock tendencies running throughout their songs, both musically and lyrically. The band also have a rough, or raw quality to the tracks on their debut “The Devil Made Me Do It” that just has to appeal to fans of early Misfits. Buzz saw like guitaring, tinny, loud percussion drumming and punk attitude.

The album in true punk fashion clocks in at just over 45 minutes and contains 16 tracks. Juicehead barely draw breath between songs before the next one is aired. A mix of fuzzy, distorted guitaring and an earthy, real quality to the vocals make this an addictive listen. Tracks like the opener, “Open Sore”, “Long Way Down”, “Past Repeats Itself” and “Internal Bleeding” assault the listener with their speed, hook laden riffs and lyrical message. While the band even incorporate a reggae element on “Never Say Goodbye” showing an element of diversity as well. However there are so many great tracks on this release that you really should check them all out and decide for yourself which one’s you enjoy.

Fans of punk rock are sure to enjoy Juiceheads debut release, “The Devil Made Me Do It” as it represents basic good old fashioned punk rock done extremely well by these newcomers. Any band that has the Misfits endorsement also has a tick in my box and it is a well deserved one when you listen to the quality of the tracks on this album.”


Armed with a hard, aggressive, melodic arsenal and thought provoking lyrics, Juicehead is the new breed of punk.