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Written on Sep 30

The 45 will be appropriately titled “Psycho in the Wax Museum”!

2 rare, never before released tracks will be archived on clear vinyl and come with a picture sleeve with all-new art rendered by Butch Lukic!

With the coming of the debut CD from Osaka Popstar, loyal fiends who’ve shown their support to the label and our roster of artists will be rewarded with a very special and exclusive offer! Those who purchased our previous releases, “Misfits Project 1950” and “Balzac: Beyond the Darkness” were advised to save your proof of purchase seals. The third and final proof of purchase can be found inside the Osaka Popstar CD available worldwide on May 23rd. Redeem all 3 P.O.P. seals together and you’ll receive a collectible vinyl Misfits 45 that will NOT be available anywhere else … period!

No – it will not be sold separately and neither will the recordings it contains! This is something special just for you fiends who support what we’re doing here at Misfits Records. As our personal thanks to you, this 45 will be exclusive only to those who redeem all 3 original proof of purchase seals.

All right, sounds cool you say, but what will be on this 45? Live stuff…no. New demos….no. Stuff from the upcoming album…no. Unreleased tracks from Misfits Project 1950…nope. Well, WHAT THEN!

How about 2 never before released Misfits songs from a decade ago? Yes fiends, JUST FOR YOU we’ve unearthed 2 never before released and never before completed, Misfits tracks predating the American Psycho album! “Angel Baby” (Click here for a Real Player clip) and “Death of the Fallen Angel” (written by founding member Jerry Only) were properly recorded by the Misfits in their entirety prior to the release of American Psycho, however the vocal tracks were never recorded. For that reason, the tracks we’re shelved and left in the vaults, seemingly never to be heard. That was then and this is now, we’re not looking to change the past or rewrite history but why leave these great songs in purgatory? With that said, the rough mixes in their original instrumental form, untouched and exactly as they were left a decade ago will be preserved on this vinyl 45 time capsule for your sole enjoyment. The ONLY way to get it is to redeem all 3 proof of purchase seals! Details on how to redeem the proof of purchase seals are coming in May with the release of “Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk”…stay tuned!

Please note that the Misfits Project 1950 CD proof of purchase is the sticker (found on the outside of the shrink wrap of the CD case), which says “save this as proof of purchase”. That proof of purchase sticker has always been on the Project 1950 CD and it is still available on the CD that you find in stores today. You must have that sticker, there will be no exceptions.

The Balzac Beyond the Darkness CD proof of purchase was also a sticker (found on the outside of the shrink-wrap of the CD case. It too says “save this as proof of purchase”. We are aware that this Balzac CD has been issued in some instances without the sticker on the shrink-wrap. Due to that, to give everyone a fair chance, ONLY in the case of the Balzac Beyond the Darkness CD you will be allowed to send in EITHER the sticker from the shrink-wrap that says “proof of purchase” OR you can cut out the original UPC bar code from the back cover of the CD and use that as your proof of purchase. That Balzac proof of purchase will be the ONLY exception.

For Misfits Project 1950 you must have the “proof of purchase” sticker and for Osaka Popstar you must have the proof of purchase seal found inside the CD. Every Osaka Popstar CD found in stores will have a proof of purchase inside.

Details on how to redeem the proof of purchase seals are coming soon with the release of “Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk”…stay tuned!

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Sep 30