The release features 50 hand numbered and signed 18” x 24” screen prints that will be available at select record stores on Record Store Day, signed by Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant Art), John Cafiero (Osaka Popstar), Casey Rider (of Studio Number One), and Rob Vannice (of JuiceheaD). The goal of the release is to reawaken the fun and experience of seeking out treasures from your local record store.

“Indie Record shops have always been a breeding ground of great music, art, culture and ideas, but they’re becoming casualties of modern circumstance,” Cafiero says of Record Store Day. “It’s exciting and inspiring that artists and individuals are pulling together in recognition of that, and working to create a grass roots uprising in support of maintaining the existence of these small hubs that once were, and to many still are, sacred staples in our society.

To me, “Waiting Room” is truly a punk anthem, and indicative of the indie music movement in general.” Cafiero elaborates. “I’m proud to have the chance to ignite a flame in its honor for Record Store Day. I don’t think the song, the artwork created for this release, or the intention of everyone, and everything, surrounding this project for that matter, could be any more perfectly suited to the cause.”

Participating Record Store Day stores are competing to be among those with extremely limited edition signed screen prints of the cover art for use in their Record Store Day celebrations. Record Store Day will also give away a few of these very collectible prints on their website, recordstoreday.com. A signed and numbered edition exclusive to the Osaka Popstar and Misfits Records online shops will also be available in limited quantities.

The JuiceheaD x Osaka Popstar "Waiting Room" digital EP (featuring 3 additional, alternate remixes of the track), will be available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and all other digital outlets on April 24th.

Exclusive Ltd. Ed 18” x 24” autographed screen-print of the sleeve art will be available at select record shops, and AVAILABLE NOW for pre-order while limited supplies last in the Misfits Records Online Store and Osaka Popstar Online.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this release and view images of the corresponding Ltd Ed etched 7-inch vinyl records.

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